HP CPU32 Emulation Adapter

Joseph Zatarski jzatar2 at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 20 22:41:36 CDT 2018

Hello everyone,

This is a longshot, but I was wondering if anybody has or knows someone
who might have a very specific HP part. It's the HP E3417A, a PQFP132
PGA interposer for some HP emulation/debug preprocessor stuff for CPU32
(among other 132 pin QFP).

Basically I came into an HP logic analyzer with a full preprocessor
setup for 160 pin QFP CPU32 procs. 16700A with emulator option, E2480A
preprocessor for CPU32, and a 160 pin QFP elastomeric socket with the
flex cable.

But, I've got one of these:

That board has a 132 pin QFP, but with the right adapter, it should be
supported by the hardware I've got here.

Joe Zatarski

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