HP 2000 /2100 emulator ?

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Fri Sep 21 09:18:47 CDT 2018

I will soon have a teletype model 35 all cleaned up and running
Why like is some suggestions for something I can put in the base and
emulate an HP 2000 or even in modern 2100 my goal is nothing serious I'd
love to be able to do HP basic and find the version of Star Trek I think
that was the name of the game just show I can demonstrate the friends how
cool these machines were.

If I could have my dream come true the emulator would be on a little SBC
running Linux t
Or even a simple OS that upon being powered up it would display login or
was that log on on the teletype pretty much having the coat hard-coated but
still having an area for saving files.

Thanks and thanks for all the previous assistance members of this group of
this list have given me

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