HP 2000 /2100 emulator ?

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at aol.com
Fri Sep 21 12:01:56 CDT 2018

yea   doing the  same  here  at  SMECC  at  some point.... we have a  2000 access system  but   probably needs  work and and a  disck  drive and besides  who wants to power and cool it  24/7?

I  need a  couple  extra  front panels I make  blink (  do not  want to mess  with the  ones  belonging  to system.. )) and st the  33 or  35  in front t of it.
would  love a  2883  disk  drive?  even willing to ship its  500 lb mass across  country....
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> emulate an HP 2000 or even in modern 2100 my goal is nothing serious I'd
> love to be able to do HP basic and find the version of Star Trek I think

> If I could have my dream come true the emulator would be on a little SBC
> running Linux t

SIMH can do that and runs just fine on a Raspberry Pi, or probably on any
other Linux SBC.

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