DEC H744 +5 supply

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Fri Sep 21 16:20:09 CDT 2018

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> My understanding is that, without using a transformer (which creates an
> independent circuit loop - more below), there's no way to increase the
> _amperage_ out of circuit over what's fed into it: since amps are
> electrons/second, the electrons/second out more or less have to equal
> electrons/second in, since one can't easily 'create' electrons - at least,
> in
> normal electonic gear!

No, a switching buck converter can definitely have more current out than
in. In fact, that's common. The buck regulator on your PC board may supply
100A at around 1V to your CPU, but doesn't draw anywhere near that many
amps from its 12V input.

Although it works differently than a stepdown transformer, it does the same
job, converting power at a higher voltage but lower current to a lower
voltage at a higher current.

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