Fall cleaning - 9-track drives available

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Sat Sep 22 09:08:54 CDT 2018

Too far? Road trip? I'm crying here (Sydney Australia.)
I have a couple of HP 7970B's (and the sevice manual) though not yet running.
But I have no 1600 bpi drives. Oh well...


At 01:43 PM 22/09/2018 +0000, you wrote:
>I could use a small rack but I think Santa Cruz, CA is a bit too far for 
>a road trip from NEPA.  :-)   (I really regret giving all my racks but one away!!)
>On 09/21/2018 10:44 PM, Bob Rosenbloom via cctalk wrote:
>> I have four 9-track tape drives, and a dirty DEC rack, that I need to 
>> get rid of.
>> Two of the drives are HP 7970B's. One has the door unattached. Then 
>> there's a Kennedy 9100 800/1600 bpi drive.
>> Very heavy.  As found, none tested by me. Just don't have time to play 
>> with them.
>> Last is a CDC drive complete with an AST clone PC with an Overland 
>> Data controller and software. This
>> was running a few years ago but has not been used since. Has Media 
>> Master format conversion software also.
>> There's also a smallish DEC rack. Could use the top painted but 
>> otherwise not too bad. Includes four sets of rack
>> slides.
>> All are located in Santa Cruz, CA and need to be gone soon, I need the 
>> room in my hangar. Come get them!
>> Photos here: http://dvq.com/fall_cleaning/

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