Manual for Documation TM200 punched card reader

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Sun Sep 23 04:33:10 CDT 2018

Hi Mike,

At 10:18 PM 22/09/2018 -0400, you wrote:
>    From outward appearences, it looks to be the same as the Wang 2244A, and 
>the Wang Model 2200 Systems Mainteance Manual confirms that it is a TM200:

What an excellent list this is. Who else would have spotted that?

>    A reference manual and data sheet are available on the Wang 2200 site:

Lots of interesting information on card coding and usage, thanks.
Heh. Every single time I hear the name Wang, I'm reminded of the legendary time Wang showed
up at an Australian computer trade show, with their staff all wearing badges that said
You have to say it with an Aussie accent and know the local idiom to understand why it's
side-splittingly funny.

>    No schematics, though.

There's the rub.
Fingers crossed Al Kossow can find that original copy.


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