IBM 3270 MCA card available

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Tue Sep 25 16:56:54 CDT 2018

On 09/25/2018 01:35 PM, Mattis Lind via cctalk wrote:
> I have some kind of IBM 3270 MCA board available for the cost of shipping 
> from Sweden. IBM P/N 26F0191. Have no way of testing it, but it was 
> pulled from an otherwise working machine.

Have you considered posting this to the newsgroup?

I know that there are a number of people that play with old PS/2 /and/ 
connect them to mainframes.

I would be surprised if someone wouldn't be happy to cover the shipping. 
  (Let me know if you'd like me to (cross)post this on your behalf.)

Grant. . . .
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