Wanted: LTO-5 tapes (used?)

ethan at 757.org ethan at 757.org
Fri Sep 28 18:44:34 CDT 2018

> If Ethan doesn't want them....
> I'm morbidly curious what you would want for a drive and some tapes.
> Also, where you / they are at so that I can guestimate shipping.

I am after LTO-5 as that is what my best drives are (untested of course, 
and they came from trash.. how bad could it end?)

Library after I got the LEDs installed. Need to get a dedicated power 
supply for them:

I've got it down on one power supply, and it can run on 1 PS with two 
drives and the logic board. No fibre channel switches or any of that.

Backing up the archives of older stuff on less older stuff.

: Ethan O'Toole

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