Wanted: LTO-5 tapes (used?)

MG marcogb at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 29 13:06:50 CDT 2018

On 29-Sep.-2018 at 00:25 I wrote via cctalk: 
> Not sure about current asking prices, but based on what I paid for the
> drive at the time and the usual second-hand reductions, would something
> like EUR 80 for the drive (EUR 10 with internal SCSI flatcable
> included), EUR 30 per new HP tape, EUR 20 per new non-HP (read: other
> vendor than HP), EUR 15 per used HP tape, EUR 10 per used non-HP and
> volume discounts based on the quantities? 

With regard to the above: I meant to ask (and forgot to add) if it's
reasonable.  I'm also open to counter-offers. 

 - MG 

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