pdp-11/34 extravaganza

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sun Sep 30 14:02:17 CDT 2018

I was contacted about an 11/34 system available. It appears to be not just a
system, nor just a system in a rack, but pretty much a full installation and
all the trimmings (printers, terminals, documentation, media, etc.). I am
pretty sure some of the terminals will invoke interest at the very least ;)


Note - the person who has it is looking for a sale. No prices have been
discussed, but my impression is they aren't going to let it all go for $50
:) The stuff is located in the Detroit metro area.


I am not (nor do I want to be) involved in this transaction in any way. I'm
just passing it on. I would prefer to pass it to someone who has a
demonstrated ability (and resources) for rescues of this size and type of
equipment. All I care about is that the equipment is rescued and by a
responsible party. Do not email me expressing interest in just one or two
items. I will pass it all to one person - if THEY want to part it out *after
the deal* that's fine. I do have a single picture I can forward. If
interested email me directly..


Terminals (screen, keyboard, mouse) (1 is custom built)

- Quantity: 2  -Tektronix 4012

- Quantity: 1  -Tektronix 4010

- Quantity: 1  - Custom Built Tektronix


Printer Terminal with Monitor (keyboard)

- Quantity: 1 - Digital VT100

- Quatity: 2  - Digital VT105


Printer Terminal

- Quantity: 2  - DEC Writer IV


PDP 11/34 (edit by jay - I believe there is only one 11/34, not 4. I could
be wrong.)

- Quantity: 1  - 11/34A-DH - 115 Volts / 60Hz

- Quantity: 1  - 1134A-XE - 120 Volts / 60Hz

- Quantity: 1  - 11/34A-YE - 120 Volts / 60Hz

- Quantity: 1  - 11/34A DE - 120 Volts / 60Hz


Digital RL01 - Quantity: 2

Digital RL02 - Quantity: 2


Digital RX02 - Quantity: 4 - 1 out of the 4 is non-functioning

Digital RX01- Quantity: 2


DEC Magnetic Disk Drivers

- Quantity: 23 (possibly more)

Some are RL01K-DC and some are RL02K-DC

One has Fortinet on it


IEE Serial Display Quantity: 1


Digital M9202  Quantity: 5

Digital M9741  Quantity: 1

Digital M9312  Quantity: 1

Digital M9302  Quantity: 2

Digital M7850  Quantity: 2

Digital M9301  Quantity: 2


Digital QSC H322 Quantity 1, possibly 2


Various Spare Parts

-Printing Paper

-Original Printing Ink

-INMAC Air Filters

-RX02 Replacement Fan

-Extra Cable for PDP 11/34

-Moss Memory for PDP 11/34

-Spare Power Supplies

-3 cases of documentation for the different components and programs


Half Rack with Built In Power Supply Digital 872-A Quantity: 1

Full Rack, Chasf CD3001-99-0141  Quantity: 1







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