HP 1000, 9000, AS/400, Sun, etc.

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Thu Feb 7 11:26:37 CST 2019

Hi Cindy,


Thanks for the email. We have a large inventory of HP gear in Minneapolis. I
have a lot of older HP stuff too from the 1980's and 1990's to current. I
don't know what you are looking for HP1000's? old workstations and servers?
Here is our store but I only listed a very small amount of our stock.....






Brad Ziton

HP Product Manager

SKYPE: bradz at flagshiptech.com 

Trillian: BradZFTI

bradz at flagshiptech.com


3939 County Road 116

Hamel, Minnesota 55340

(800) 416.8900

t: 763.516.1346

f: 763.516.1310

c: 612.708.3960



RS/6000 pSeries ? AS/400 iSeries ? Sun Microsystems ? HP9000 ? HP Proliant ?
Cisco ● Dell


Not affiliated with seller, etc.


Cindy Croxton

Electronics Plus

1613 Water Street

Kerrville, TX 78028

830-370-3239 cell

sales at elecplus.com


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