Looking for front panel switch

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sat Oct 5 20:28:55 CDT 2019

This fall I decided to restore my first homebrewed computer that I made 
40(!) years ago and still have... a 2 MHz 8080A, 1K of static RAM, a 1702A 
(256 byte) EPROM, cobbled up an S-100 connector for a VB-1B video card, an 
8-bit I/O port that used an EBCDIC keyboard (ASCII translation table in the 
EPROM), and of course a hand-made front panel PC board with blinkenlights & 
switches. I had a good time learning assembly language (and 
hand-assembling)... I also toggled in WADUZITDO once or twice. That's a 
functional interpreted language in 256 bytes plus char in/out routine, for 
the youngsters ;)

I sold the VB-1B years ago, and can't find the keyboard which got lost in a 
move years ago. So if I want to play with small 8080 programs, I'll need to 
add a UART (and redo the primitive monitor program for serial I/O instead of 
memory-mapped display). Recently I bought one of Martin Eberhard's ME-1702A 
boards with pre-programmed PIC, acquired all the parts from junkbox and 
Mouser, and just got THAT working. Surprisingly enough, the monitor seems to 
still have all the right bits after 40 years.

Anyway. At some earlier time, I'd either lost (or cannibalized for a PDP-8) 
one of the switches. Subminiature SPDT toggle switches are readily available 
from C&K and Mountain, but I cannot find one with the four-pin mounting 
bracket and the "ears" to hold the paddle lever pivots. Attached is a 
picture showing part of the front panel.


Does anyone have a matching switch they're not using? I have a spare black 
lever, but it's supposed to be blue for that nibble which would be even 
better ;)
Thanks for any help.

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