Mystery chip SCM44506L

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Thu Oct 10 16:24:25 CDT 2019

That would make sense if these were OTP or fused parts.
Wouter,  can you check the pins with an ohm meter, to what we think are power and ground. Outputs usually look different than inputs.

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On 2019-Oct-10, at 5:33 AM, Wouter de Waal via cctech wrote:
>> Very likely a semi custom or custom memory device, due to the prefix.
> Armed with that and the fact that pin 1 connects to the leadframe I figured maybe it's something like the 6830 Mikbug prom -- 0V on 1, 5V on 12, data on the left, address on the right. Tried reading it like that (for all 16 combinations of chip selects) but 0xFF throughout.
> So I popped the lid, stuck it under a microscope. The chip says "MCM6816" which is in fact a 1k ROM.
> Anyone have more information on the 6816 ROM?

Funny, the usual goto reference for early 6800-series chips is the 6800 Micro System Design manual:
but it's not in there.

There are a couple of other 1K ROMs however (6830,68308).
Might compare pinout with those.

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