IBM MST extender cards

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Fri Oct 11 11:15:43 CDT 2019

On 10/11/19 12:29 AM, Mark Linimon via cctalk wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 10:16:34AM +1000, Steve Malikoff via cctalk wrote:
>> That wire wrap tool is identical to one my dad had in his CE toolkit
> I ... should take it from this that people don't just *own* these anymore?
> This was an "essntial device" in my younger engineering days.  Sigh.
> Yes, I still have it.  Yes, I have used it (albeit not recently).  Yes,
> I have used the Gardner-Denver electric tool as well, although in those
> days I never could have afforded it.

I  have a half dozen or so wire wrap tools.  Different sizes
and types.  And, yes, I still use mine, too.


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