General Automation SPC 16 on eBay

steven at steven at
Sat Oct 12 16:41:02 CDT 2019

Bob said
> There's a cheap General Automation SPC 16/45 on eBay that someone needs
> to get. It's for pickup only
> in Royal Oak, MI otherwise I would go for it. Includes a disk drive.
> Looks like it needs to be gone in a week.
> See:
> Bob

I had an identical GA SPC-16, except mine had two Western Dynex 6000 drives with packs similar
in appearance to RL02's (I don't think they were, just looked the same). Also had two card readers
and an ASR33 and it had DBOS(?) Disk/Drum OS. The decks of cards had calculations for grains and
cereals as it was installed at a breakfast cereal manufacturer.

With the help of an old schoolfriend and his dad we lugged the machine down a few flights of narrow
stairs in a block of flats (there was no lift), into a trailer for the cross town trip and back to my
place (another flat) at the time. It was fairly heavy, although taking the drives out helped a bit.


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