Eyring PDOS - paging Camiel Vanderhoeven

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 08:35:03 CDT 2019

I have a odd TMS9900 machine with floppy drives that would be interesting
to get an operating system runnig on. The Eyring institute PDOS looks
interesting and I have found a page describing it.
https://www.vaxbarn.com/index.php/other-bits/105%20-pdos Unfortunately none
of the download links works.

I sent a few mails to Camiel but it seems like they might have ended up in
the garbage folder so I am trying this public mail instead and hope that it
gets through!

I really appreciate if the links could be fixed so that I could download a
copy. And source code for the boot ROM would be nice.

Or is there someone else that have a copy of the manuals and the binaries?

Thanks in advance!


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