Systems Engineering Laboratories SEL 810a Mainframe For Sale

steven at steven at
Sun Oct 13 20:31:46 CDT 2019

Thomas said
> I am taking offers on an SEL 810a mainframe computer. It includes three
> cabinets, a Teletype Model 33 ASR, as well as a vintage wooden box filled
> with spare cards. This machine was installed in 1969 and retired in 2006.
> It is in excellent condition. It has a front panel with blinkenlights, and
> one of the cabinets has a Nixie tube numerical display. I have shared
> pictures of the main cabinet and the spare parts box at the following link.


The Digitronics paper tape reader in it is same as the PDP-7 reader, and only a very tiny
cosmetic change from the Foxboro FOX-2 reader. Seeing the shiny bit on the output side
I'm guessing there should be the two brushed stainless steel hoppers with six-sided front
cutouts for the input and output, is anything like this around?


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