More DEC stuff available, Newmarket UK

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Mon Oct 14 09:18:14 CDT 2019

Hello folks,

We've had another shipment of retired DEC kit come in that's free to good
homes but it has to be either collected or earmarked for collection by
Thursday 17th October, I realise this isn't giving people much notice.

Alpha 4100 5/300, single CPU, 3GB RAM, DE450, KZPAAx2, FDDI, pedestal
enclosure with door
VAX 3100-95, 16MB RAM
DECserver 300
various DEChub900 modules
BA356 x2, no disks
TZ887 autoloader x2
VT320 + LK201
3x IBM RS6000s
DEREP ethernet repeater
DELL PowerVault 120T
External SDLT1
External TZ87

Location is CB8 7NY


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