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> are you thinking of conquest?
> conquest
> Conquest is a top-down, real time space warfare game. It was
> originally written in RATFOR for the VAX/VMS system in 1983 by Jef
> Poskanzer and Craig Leres.
> I spent incredible amounts of time playing this game with my friends
> in the terminal labs at college, and when I actually had a multi-user
> system running at home (Unixware) I decided to try and translate/port
> the code to C in Unix. This was in the early to mid 1990's.
> Of course, over the years many things have changed. Today, Conquest is
> a true client/server game. The client uses freeglut, SDL 2.0 (for
> sound) and OpenGL. It uses C++11 to build, though for now it's "C
> software with some C++ containers and constructs”.
Fraid not ;-(
no grid in search….
You actually scrolled through the universe on your 24 x 80!
If you passed a plannet/star then you could see it on screen ( in the distance, or with a screen full of *’s as you hit it!)
It had a vast universe and you could scroll around the universe for a hour without seeing the same place.  

4 or 5 of us playing it really cranked up the CPU load. I think many terminals were 9600, if you got your hands on
a 19200 or better you were a p*g *n sh*t.

On and off I have been hunting for this for 3-4 years.  I know I am not making it up - it did come from some US university.

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