Fwd: For auction: Amiga 3000

Sellam Abraham sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 22:01:51 CDT 2019

This is an Amiga 3000 in excellent condition, both functionally and
physically. Other than the very slight yellowing of the front face and one
barely visible scrape, it is almost perfect.

It is extremely clean inside as well. The on-board battery has not yet been
removed but it should be soon as it has begun to outgas and affect the
surrounding components. I cleaned up the minimal oxidation it had caused on
some of the various components local to it. The capacitors have no visible
age-related issues.

The system boots up into Amiga WorkBench 3.1 and has numerous applications
and drivers installed. Video output is from the GVP EGS (works with SVGA
monitor) board, which plugs into the on-board video port (via external
connector cable).

Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmxBoNtw

(Despite the marring of the back label, the serial number is readable:


16Mhz on-board CPU with Commodore A3640 68040 @ 25 MHz accelerator
2MB Chip RAM
16MB Fast RAM
Great Valley Products L.C. EGS (Rev. 3) 28/24 Spectrum RTG graphics board
w/2MB for 1600×1280×8 interlace, 1152×864×16 interlace, and 800×600×24
non-interlace video modes
Utilities Unlimited Emplant Macintosh emulator board with Macintosh II ROMs
(Apple 342-0105-B, 342-0106-B, 342-0107-B, 342-0108-B)
Conner CFA170S 170MB IDE hard drive
Quantum LPS525S 525MB SCSI2 hard drive
3.5" floppy drive

So many people expressed an interest in this machine that I decided to sell
it by private sealed bid auction.

Between now and Monday, October 21, 8:00PM Pacific Daylight Time, if
interested, please submit your bid to me by e-mail with your bid. I will
confirm your bid by e-mail and notify you if you are the highest bidder, or
otherwise of the final selling price. There is a reserve price of $800.

If you are unfamiliar with a sealed-bid auction, you submit your bid
private to me via e-mail. Your bid is the highest price you are willing to
pay. Whomever has the highest bid by the deadline wins the auction. I will
announce the final sale price to all bidders. The winning bidder has 24
hours to submit payment unless specific arrangements are made otherwise.
Winning bidder pays for shipping via FedEx Ground, shipping from
Sacramento, California. I will ship globally. Local pickup is welcome.
Payment by PayPal using direct funds transfer is required. Other payment
arrangements may be negotiated. My payment policies are explained in full
in my FAQ, located here:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, and good luck to all prospective bidders.


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