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Sellam Abraham sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 15:07:35 CDT 2019

Hey guys.

Thanks for the tip.  I opened it yet again and inspected further under a
loupe and sure enough I noticed damage I'd not seen before.  I removed the
battery and cleaned up around it some more and mitigated the damage.  The
acid seems to have only migrated a few millimeters towards the adjacent
7400 series chips and only slightly affected the ground plane.  Here's a


I ran this system for hours last night and it never hiccupped.

I don't know what "AGA" means.  There have been a couple sales on eBay
recently for stock systems without the upgrades this has that both sold for
$800.  I sold a stock 25Mhz system earlier this year for $500.

Again, thanks for pointing out the problem with the battery.


On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 10:18 AM Ethan O'Toole <ethan at 757.org> wrote:

> > Sellam,
> >    I am an Amiga expert. If you don't remove the battery asap you are
> going
> > to lose this system. I am amazed that it still works but that isn't
> going to
> > last much longer. You stated that there was some corrosion that you
> cleaned
> > up so it may already too late to save the motherboard. The acid from the
> > battery will migrate along the copper traces and there is no way to stop
> it
> > nor repair it. I would never buy this system.
> > GOD Bless and Thanks,
> > rich!
> Eh, looking at the pictures the battery damage is very little. It is a
> decent candidate for saving. Action needs to be taken quickly but it's in
> way better condition than ones I've attempted to work on.
> I do see some flaking north in the copper traces of the battery.
> I still wonder if osmeone will reproduce Amiga 3000 motherboards where you
> can either move over the customs but also has some modern add ons.
> As well as a replacement board for the Amiga 600 :-)
> At $800 though... not AGA.
> --
> : Ethan O'Toole

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