Sun Ultra 1 PROM update to OBP 3.11.1 or better

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at
Sun Oct 20 19:28:43 CDT 2019

  My pal Dave just gave me a very nice original Ultra 1 Creator!  Found a
nice 10000K 146GB disk and 1GB genuine X7004 Sun RAM from good old MemoryX
and this store I'd never used before called DiscTech (great ecomm site and
decent prices afaict), so this baby's shaping up to be a fantastic and
affordable rescue!

  Alas, it seems some corporate best practices aficionado from the company
that was entrusted with the care and feeding of Sun has unilaterally and
unceremoniously "lost" all the old patch clusters for these machines.

  Anyone still have them?  The particular one I need is the patch SUNWflell
from anytime after late 1997.

  This will allow her OpenBoot to play nice with 64-bit operating systems
like Solaris and the Illumos-based Tribblix, OpenSXCE, etc, which I'm
thinking will be extremely cool to see running on a 25 year old machine!

thx much.

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