DEC documentation

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Tue Oct 22 02:05:04 CDT 2019

I have updated my inventory of DEC documentation with the latest arrivals
from Gunnar, the ex-DEC FS tech.

Those were mostly binders of software documentation and handbooks. If there
are a document that you would like to have scanned I will do my best to
help out. But please do me a favour to check if they are not online already
from the regular sources.

I can only scan documents up to ledger size. Larger documents, like some of
the old schematics, need help from a professional scanning service, which
unfortunately cost money. I cannot scan books, either.

I will continuously update the inventory as I go through all the

There are likely to be errors in the inventory. Typing on the phone is a
pain. If you find errors please let me know.


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