Anyone have a firmware dump for Teleray Series 10 terminals?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Oct 25 15:30:16 CDT 2019

Hi, All,

I was recently at the CompuServe 50th Anniversary event which included
a tour of our old building at 5000 Arlington Center Blvd, where I
worked in 2001-2002.  The old data center is still in operation, being
rented out by Expedient as a cloud hosting and co-location facility.
One of the highlights of the tour is an old Teleray 10T they found
when they moved in 9 years ago.  They have it cleaned up and on
display in their conference room.  I did a little digging and quickly
found the docs on Bitsavers (thanks as always, Al).  What struck me
was the appearance of the mainboard.  I went up into my attic, and
wouldn't you know, I _have_ one, labelled "Model 10C" - same board but
(formerly) with special feature firmware to be a 10C.

What I don't have is ROMs in the ROM sockets.  :-(  It's five ;places
for standard 2708 EPROMs.  From the memory map and some of the photos
in the docs, not every model had ROM in "Position 5".  It looks like
all did have 4 EPROMs installed.

I have blanks and I have a burner.  What's not up on Bitsavers is the
10T or 10C firmware.  Does anyone have anything like that?

It looks like the keyboard is both easy and not easy to remanufacture.
It's a raw matrix, attached via fat round cable and DB25.  The
Keyboard includes a 74154 to decode 4 bits to 16 lines and the returns
are via 8 lines.  On the Terminal side, the 4 bits map to the 6502's
A0-A3 and the return lines map to D0-D7 (it appears at $0000-$000F in
the memory map).  91 keys, 1 IC and a lot of diodes would implement a
keyboard, as would an AVR microcontroller sitting on the 12 row/column
lines, translating to/from a modern keyboard.

The video appears to be standard 15.575KHz 1.0-2.5V mono video plus H.
Sync and V. Sync. routed off the board via the power supply connector
(+5V @ 3A, +/-12V @ 0.4A and a smattering of -5V for the 2708s).

So the only thing I would really need is copies of 4 or 5 EPROMs and I
think I could get this working with a replacement display and
reimplemented keyboard.  Anyone happen to have the firmware?



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