FTGH Decstation 5000

James Plummer jimbobrocks92 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 18:30:47 CDT 2019

Gday Kevin I’m in south eastern Victoria and am interested in these systems
Please feel free to shoot me a message on or off the list to discuss further details

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> On 22 Oct 2019, at 18:24, Kevin Parker via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> FTGH Decstation 5000
> * Decstation 5000/125 - also houses a CD drive
> * 2 Expansion storage boxes - one has a tape drive and the other one has a
> floppy drive.
> * 2 very large and heavy RGB Digital monitors - one has both Digital and
> Sony branding on the back of it. I haven't dug the other one out as it's in
> a corner and is dam heavy but it looks the same as the other one.
> * A box of spares including a keyboard, two mice, a CD drive, some cables, a
> couple of CPU's, three genuine HDDs and a big bag of RAM
> I've never powered it up - it was a rescue - I believe it was a server at a
> TAFE college in Adelaide, South Australia. 
> I am located in south western Victoria (Australia)
> Kevin Parker
> 0418 815 527

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