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Sat Oct 26 13:13:02 CDT 2019

On 26.10.19 11:00, nico de jong via cctech wrote:
> Hi all,
> Back in the 70's and 80's Philips had a quite popular series of mini computers called P800, which also branched out to the PTS series and possibly other.
> Could I be lucky to find other list members interested in these products? I know of a few, but there surely must be others. I'm trying to collect what is left of the documentation.
> 73, Nico
Wel I am of course, but then you knew that !

Currently I have -:

- a P857

- a P856 missing the box, PS & backplane ( simple enough to reproduce )

- a measuring system based on the P854 CPU ( the same I brought you )

- a P851, missing the backplane, frontpanel,  a serial card and the PSU.

- 2 single-chip P800 CPU's

I have documentation on the P852, P956, P833 digital cassette

On software side not much : a single cassette with Fortran & manuals.

Yes, we should get Al interested in these ! But AFAIK they never made in to the US.

Regards, Jos

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