Philips mini computers

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Sat Oct 26 19:38:10 CDT 2019

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> Hi all,
> Back in the 70's and 80's Philips had a quite popular series of mini computers called P800, which also branched out to the PTS series and possibly other.

I don't remember those; I do remember a Philips mini called the PR8000.  That was apparently designed for industrial control, at least judging by the marketing brochure I have for it.  It's the machine on which I learned assembly language programming.  24 bit machine, French mnemonics.  Very interesting interrupt system.  I've never seen any documents about it other than that one short 10-page marketing sheet.

Then there was a 16 bit Philips minicomputer, P9200?  Saw it at the Evoluon in Eindhoven where it controlled an interactive sculpture called the Senster.  That has been preserved apparently; it would be neat to do a simulation of it.


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