Philips mini computers

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No, we are not. The P800 series used a card format, the name of which 
escapes me at the momen, but I believe it started with an M. The only 
experience with Philips computers, other then the P800 series, is the 
P2000. It was marketed by Philips Austria, and was a pre-PC system. I 
believe there was a CP/M based P3000, but I'm not quite sure.



There is a backplane, and each card can have two or three extra 
connectors at the back, similar to the one in the middle, going to the 

On 2019-10-26 19:59, Nigel Johnson via cctalk wrote:
> Are we talking about ISA-bus computers here?  If so the colour 
> graphics card was a Persyst Bob card, and the bi-sync adapter, if 
> equipped, was also made by Persyst.  I know because I signed them to 
> the contract to buy those two items. I know about their high standards 
> of Quality Control because they rejected about 1/3 of my initial 
> shipments!
> In 1985, every computer that included a CRT made by Philips was made 
> at their factory in Ste. Laurent, QC, or so their engineers told me.
> cheers,
> Nigel (then known as Bill) Johnson
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>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Back in the 70's and 80's Philips had a quite popular series of mini
>>>> computers called P800, which also branched out to the PTS series and
>>>> possibly other.
>>>> Could I be lucky to find other list members interested in these
>>>> products? I know of a few, but there surely must be others. I'm trying
>>>> t

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