Philips mini computers

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The Honeywell does not look like a P800, and to the best of my knowledge 
Philips (with one L) did their own development in the mini sector.

However, I do know that for example one of their text processing 
systems, one in the P5000 range (the P5001?), was a rebadged Canadiann 
system, Alas, the name escapes me.

The other names mentioned in this mail,  are totally unknown to me.

Philips at that time had many interesting products, but they could never 
lay arm with the big ones like Sony. Just think of the video recorder 
they made. Excellen quality. I heard that the reason VHS won the battle, 
was because porn distributors swang a big stick saying that it was 
quicker to copy tapes on a VHS system. Don't know how true it is.


On 2019-10-27 02:45, Adrian Stoness via cctalk wrote:
> phillips when they ventured into the mini world start out by rebadging the
> honeywell 316 witch i think is what your talking about
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>>> On Oct 26, 2019, at 5:00 AM, nico de jong via cctech <
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>>> Hi all,
>>> Back in the 70's and 80's Philips had a quite popular series of mini
>> computers called P800, which also branched out to the PTS series and
>> possibly other.
>> I don't remember those; I do remember a Philips mini called the PR8000.
>> That was apparently designed for industrial control, at least judging by
>> the marketing brochure I have for it.  It's the machine on which I learned
>> assembly language programming.  24 bit machine, French mnemonics.  Very
>> interesting interrupt system.  I've never seen any documents about it other
>> than that one short 10-page marketing sheet.
>> Then there was a 16 bit Philips minicomputer, P9200?  Saw it at the
>> Evoluon in Eindhoven where it controlled an interactive sculpture called
>> the Senster.  That has been preserved apparently; it would be neat to do a
>> simulation of it.
>>          paul

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