Philips mini computers

nico de jong nico at
Mon Oct 28 08:17:37 CDT 2019

On 2019-10-28 09:43, Christian Corti via cctalk wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Oct 2019, nico de jong wrote:
>> Then you could generate turnkey systems, where the "operating system" 
>> could be floppy or cassette (ECMA34) based,
>> Turnkey systems typically controlled process equipment and the like, 
>> where operator intervention was very limited, normally limited to 
>> pushing a few buttons on an operator panel, or to load new programs.
> I do have a bunch of floppies for whatever P800 series machine, but 
> none of them seem to run or boot on our machine. The images are also 
> on our FTP server along with the service manual. Maybe you can use 
> them in some manner.
> Christian

I had a quick look at 6_0.bin. It has a normal layout, 1 boot sector to 
start with, 1 user, 3 files. two of which are Load Modules (= programs), 
the last one is a textfile with paramters etc. The program seems to be 
for testing something, accordng to the texts  I found. My guess is that 
the user communication is to and from a Teletype ASR or Philips PER3100 
operator console or similar.

Could I talk you into zipping the contents of that directory and mail it 
to me, or save it as one zip file in that directory?


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