Coleco & Atari

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Mon Oct 28 10:11:49 CDT 2019

> old? 1983. Coleco ADAM, my favourite, and Atari 600XL, not so much. I still
> have my ADAM. No not why. But isn’t this why we all belong to classiccomp. And
> $600. How quaint! BTW(sorry), it had an update on CP/M called CP/M Plus.
> Gosh, I miss those old days.

Oh man, the Atari 8bit is second to the Adam? IIRC the 800XL and Floppy 
Drive cost less than the Coleco Adam kit. You didn't get a daisy wheel 
printer, but you got better sound and a much larger library.

I grew up on the ColecoVision, neighbor had the Atari 5200. I used to say 
the ColecoVision was better when younger but now I have to say I think the 
Atari 5200 is better.

Have yet to own an Adam, but I always thought of the Adam as something of 
a failure? There was a large number of them that shipped DOA or close to 
DOA as well due to power supply issue (in the printer) ?

       - Ethan

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