OT(?): Emulation XKCD

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
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In my MU5 emulator I have attempted to do all I/O at the speed it would have been done in the real hardware. Not because I think the OS might be sensitive to it (I don't know as I don't have any OS running on it), but simply because if/when ever it runs an OS I want the experience to be as close as possible to what it was originally. I even slow down the console output to actual Teletype Model 33 speed. I will add options to run at host machine speed at some point though.



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> > All,
> > my daughter is well aware of my affinity for old computers and
> > software, and, as usual, she pointed out that there’s an XKCD for that:
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> > https://xkcd.com/2221/
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> > I found this remarkably accurate.
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> For the dps8 emulator, I wrote (for expediency) the I/O code to complete
> immediately. When the CPU executes an I/O instruction, the I/O is
> completed and the interrupt posted before the next instruction is executed.
> As the emulator was (at that point) single threaded, there was no
> performance reason to do otherwise, and delaying interrupt delivery was
> additional code that I didn't want to write and debug. The consensus in the
> Multics community was that this was *probably* OK; the interrupt structure
> was robust and the interrupt handling code well written, and should be able
> to cope. But everytime a runtime failure occured, the question popped up: is
> zero-latency I/O the issue?  I ended up adding code to delay interrupt
> delivery as a run-time configuration option so that that possibility could be
> checked.
> The XKCD is dead on for me. I have had that conversation.
> -- Charles

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