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RAF Chicksands, and to Ops building probably couldn't withstand anything
bigger than a AK 47 or M16 hit.
The RAF commander couldn't ever get into our building. I think he was in
charge of grounds keeping, Etc.
USAFSS , before they changed the command name = NSA.

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> Good Morning,
>                      Have you ever come across a document called the
> "Rolm
> I/O Designers Guide?"  I am working with some developers trying to
> figure
> out the data words and how they work on a Navy AN/UYK-19 computer.
> I have some sticktime on the Eclipse machines.  In going to boot camp
> getting my MV4000/DC I ran into some interesting characters.  One was
> with DG on military sales, was visiting Groton? or another base where a
> test was being conducted.  The computer was suspended on wires in a
> hangar and, while running, was subjected to simultaneous blows from
> heavy pendulums on either side.  The noise was teriffic and my friend
> asked the same question, why on earth, to which the cryptic reply was
> two words:  Depth Charges.
> Probably your USAF machine, corn field kept though it was, was designed
> for service in another kind of silo, the missile kind.  Those would be
> projected to survive near-direct hits from megaton thermonuclear
> weapons.  Not to mention that no air force property is immune from
> attack by all sorts of ordinance, nuclear or otherwise.
> Best,
> Jeff
> Another note, saw an old query on the "Rolm Computers: 1602, 1602A,
> 1602B,
> 1666, MSExx (was Data General Nova Star Trek)" thread about breaking
> down
> the military system designations. This website may help if you never
> got an
> earlier answer:
> Thank you!
> Craig Mook

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