Connecting SIMH to teletype via USB

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Fri Sep 13 15:42:25 CDT 2019

I could use a hint... I have a USB to current-loop (Volpe) interface board, 
and Windows 7 on my laptop does recognize it as COM4 at 110 baud.
So far so good. No problem hooking it up to my ASR-33 Teletype.

Now I'd really like to figure out how to set SIMH to use the 33 as the 
console, so the TTY will be attached to the virtual PDP-8.
I do have OS/8 and TSS/8 running on SIMH with the laptop as console. Just 
don't know how to make it "talk" to the USB serial port instead.
Anything that starts with "set console..." gives a "no settable parameters" 

Thanks for any hints.

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