Connecting SIMH to teletype via USB

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Fri Sep 13 18:31:38 CDT 2019

I'm using a slightly older SIMH and user's guide (3.8 something). This SIMH 
will not allow Set Console Serial, apparently (No settable parameter
I only found the suggestion for Telnet in my user guide, so I did Set 
Console Telnet:23. It does accept that.

So now I was just trying to use Tera Term which defaults to port 23... Is it 
even possible to run Tera Term in one window and SIMH in another, and have 
them connect via Telnet if on the same laptop?
Before I start messing with the actual hardware (USB converter and TTY)?

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On Friday, September 13, 2019 at 15:42, Charles via cctalk wrote:

> I could use a hint... I have a USB to current-loop (Volpe) interface
> board, and Windows 7 on my laptop does recognize it as COM4 at 110
> baud. So far so good. No problem hooking it up to my ASR-33 Teletype.
> Now I'd really like to figure out how to set SIMH to use the 33 as the
> console, so the TTY will be attached to the virtual PDP-8.

Section 3.14, "Console Options" of the "SIMH Users' Guide V4.0" suggests

  set console serial=com4;110-8n2

...should work (though you might need "7e2" or "7o2" instead, depending on
how your Teletype is set up).

> Anything that starts with "set console..." gives a "no settable
> parameters" error.

Does the above also give this error?

                                      -- Dave 

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