Connecting SIMH to teletype via USB

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Fri Sep 13 18:46:39 CDT 2019

Update: got my SIMH (set console telnet:23) talking to PuTTY in another 
window, via Telnet
So it is possible ;)
Now it's time to hook up the actual TTY to the USB-current loop card and see 
what's what!

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On Friday, September 13, 2019 at 15:42, Charles via cctalk wrote:

> I could use a hint... I have a USB to current-loop (Volpe) interface
> board, and Windows 7 on my laptop does recognize it as COM4 at 110
> baud. So far so good. No problem hooking it up to my ASR-33 Teletype.
> Now I'd really like to figure out how to set SIMH to use the 33 as the
> console, so the TTY will be attached to the virtual PDP-8.

Section 3.14, "Console Options" of the "SIMH Users' Guide V4.0" suggests

  set console serial=com4;110-8n2

...should work (though you might need "7e2" or "7o2" instead, depending on
how your Teletype is set up).

> Anything that starts with "set console..." gives a "no settable
> parameters" error.

Does the above also give this error?

                                      -- Dave 

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