Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Sun Sep 15 16:58:32 CDT 2019

Okay, I'm trying to beat back the hoard in my basement before the rainy season starts here in CA:

I have a couple of NMOS static RAM UNIBUS address spaces that I picked up from CMU sometime back in the mid-'80s once when they were cleaning house.  I've been hauling these around for 30+ years, thinking I would use them with the '11/45 that I picked up at the same time, but as previously discussed here I have a much more practical MS11-L working in that system now.  So, I'd be more than happy to pass these one to somebody else who could put them to good use?

There are two; they are 5U 19" rack chassis with integrated power supplies and fans.  These are card cages with slots for 5 11"x15" cards plugging, into a PCB backplane (big, heavy!)

Each chassis contains four fully-populated MICRORAM 3400N memory cards (at 32K words x 18 bits each, each chassis is a full UNIBUS address space); each of the memory cards caries 144 x socketed 4402ACC, with 1977 date codes.

Each chassis also has a fifth card, a custom UNIBUS interface card that was developed at CMU, which takes the place of the self-test card in the original units.

The units are marked S/N 100001 and 100002, P/N 929331-009A.  They are in good shape, but dusty, and with some corrosion evident on the chassis.  Have not seen power in several decades, so the power supplies probably need a going over...

I also have full documentation (including schematics), and a folder of schematics and some hand-drawn notes for the CMU interface cards.  I have dups of the EMM documentation, so could send it to Al if he is interested? 

Anybody out there interested?  I am in Oakland, CA.  It would be best to pick these up in person, because they'd probably be $$$ to ship.


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