Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Mon Sep 16 16:27:29 CDT 2019

First off, I've had a couple of follow-ups on these units, so they are 
spoken for at this point.

The member with first dibs has also offered to scan the docs and see 
that they make their way to Al.

I was wondering if these were c.mmp cast-offs?  Guy: I encountered these 
in the CMU computer club hardware room (Doherty Hall basement, I think?) 
circa 1986.  There were a couple of '11/40s adjacent, and those did have 
some sort of custom writable control store cards.

The computer club was cleaning house, so I hauled off an '11/45 with CPU 
spares that looked pretty stock, the aforementioned memory units, and a 
rack mount Tek 'scope (about all I could convince my friends to help me 
haul off campus at the time :-)

Not sure what ever happened to the rest of the equipment that was down 
there.  I know they had a couple of working Altos, on a thick net 
segment with the old vampire transceivers that had the little round 
glass windows in an aluminum box.  And what must have been parts of an 
earlier PDP (I remember a smallish teletype bolted on to a piece of 
white Formica desktop.)


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