Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Mon Sep 16 18:43:45 CDT 2019

> There were only 2 11/45s that I knew of.  The first was the “front end” 
> that sat in front of all of the terminals and allowed connection to the 
> various 10s (at the time there were 3: 2 KA10s and a KL10), C.MMP and 
> CM*.  The other 11/45 ran the XGP...

They had moved on to a Xerox 9700 and DECSYSTEM-20s behind Micom port 
selectors by the time I first rolled up there in 1984.  CS still had a 
cluster of PERQs in Wean Hall.

Not too long after that, the DECSYSTEM-20s were decom'd, and the old 
terminal clusters were converted over to IBM PCs, Macs, and IBM RT 
Andrew workstations.


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