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Mon Sep 16 19:15:55 CDT 2019

It's time for another batch of exciting stuff from my collection to find
its way into yours!

Today's batch:

Compaq Contura 4/25
Compaq LTE/286 Laptop
Compaq Portable III Operations Guide + System Software
Packard Bell PB414A Multi-Media PC
Radio Shack 1982 TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog No. RSC-7
Radio Shack 1983 TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog No. RSC-8
Radio Shack 1985 TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog No. RSC-12
A Practical Guide to the Tandy 1000SX
Heath Computer Systems H-386 Desktop PC
Gravis MouseStick GMPU
Logitech Wingman Attack Joystick
Modular CIrcuit Technology PC EPROM Programmer
Atari CX22 Trak-Ball
Kingston DataCard KTM-DC16/127 Hard Disk/Memory Expansion
Data General How To Use The Nova Computers Manual
DEC Digital Products and Applications (1971)
VAX Architecture Reference Manual
Macintosh PowerBook 1400c
Macintosh PowerBook 180
Apple 800K External Drive
Apple PC 5.25 Drive
AppleCD 300
AppleCD 300e Plus
American Megatrends Voyager 486 Motherboard
Zenith Data Systems N8003 External CD-ROM Drive
Apple LisaDraw Manual
Apple Lisa Office System Release 3.0 Manual
Apple 486/66 DOS Compatibility Card
Asante MC3NB NuBus Ethernet Interface
Kingroyal 2-serial, 1-parallel, 1-game Interface
STB 2-serial 1-parallel interface
Sealevel Systems 3088 dual-port serial card
Cardinal Technologies VGA 300
IEV Corp. VIP-2000 Interactive Graphics Controller
Datacopy Corp. Datacopy Model III
Domex UDS-IS10 SCSI interface
Talking Tech Bigmouth
Your PC Multi-Lab PCL-711 Analog and Digital I/O Card
Danford SEU 3800 multi-port serial card
Triad Systems PC-IDC-8 8-port ISA Serial Interface
U.S. Digital PC7166 Incremental Encoder Interface
Western Digital WD1003V-MM2 HD/FD Controller (Prototype?)
Supra SupraExpress 33.6i Voice Modem
3Com EtherLink III 3C509B-TPO
Allied Telesis AT-2000T-PNP TP ISA network interface
Advanced Logic Research 16-bit VGA/Parallel
Iwill SIDE VLB SCSI/IDE/FDC/I-O Controller
Adaptec AHA-2940UW Ultra Wide SCSI Controller
Berkshire Products PCI PC Watchdog
BusLogic BT-958 SCSI-3 Adaptor
Network Appliance 110-01579 PCI NVRAM Board
Ocean Optics ADC2000-PCI+ A/D Converter
Philips TV Tuner PCI Board
S&S Research MOTU PCI-324 Audio PCI Interface
Smart Modular Technologies 90079 Modem/Sound Combo Board
ATI Rage IIc AGP Graphics Card
Asus V8170/128M AGP Graphics Card
Matrox G45+ AGP Graphics Card
IBM 2330364 Token Ring Network Adaptor 16/4
SCO Informix v3.11 for the Apple Lisa 2
SCO Lyrix v3.10 for the Apple Lisa 2
SCO MF/SCO Level II COBOL v2.0 High Performance
SCO Multiplan v2.10B for the Apple Lisa 2
SCO Xenix Development System v3.0 for the Apple Lisa 2
SCO Xenix Operating System v3.0 for the Apple Lisa 2
SCO Xenix Text Processing System v3.0 for the Apple Lisa 2
Hands-On BASIC for the IBM PCjr
HP 82901M Flexible Disc Drive
HP 9885M Flexible Disk Drive
HP 10247A Clock Probe
HP 10248B Eight Bit Probe
HP 10248C Eight Bit Probe (Pod 1)
HP 10248C Eight Bit Probe (Pod 2)
HP 10248C Eight Bit Probe (Pod 3)
HP 10248C Eight Bit Probe (Pod 4)
HP 10248C Eight Bit Probe (1610B)
Convergent Technologies NGEN XM-003 Memory Module
Wico Command Control Joystick

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