KiCad pcb file

David Bridgham dab at
Tue Sep 17 18:54:31 CDT 2019

On 9/17/19 15:00, Ed Groenenberg via cctalk wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm looking for a PCB layout file / template of a 2 slot Unibus card,
> which I want to use in KiCad.
> Can someone help me with this?

Here's a KiCad template for a double-height QBUS card.  I haven't
verified it or cleaned it up but it ought to make a good starting point
and deleting the QBUS bits will be easy.  Eventually I'll need to do a
quad-height Unibus card too.

If you're building your own DEC boards, this is the best dimensional
diagram I've come across; I pulled it out of a uVAX manual.  The one bug
I've found in it is the "1.00±.010" in the corner where the edge fingers
start.  I think it's supposed to be "0.100±.010" but I'd double-check
that against other diagrams or measure a real board.

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