Tektrionix VAXBI board and DC100 training tapes?

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> > I've got over a hundred TU58s I need to look at some day as well.
> > Fixed the pinch rollers on some TU58s a year or two ago, just too many
> other things to do.
> I have about a dozen TU58 cartridges which came with my VAX-11/730. I'd
> like to archive them (or even read them, for that matter), but so far I
> have had not had any success with repairing cartridge drive belts. I just
> hate those things. I have a feeling that I might have better results by
> building an open reel imaging drive where I transfer the tape media out of
> the original cartridge, abandoning the &$@#! drive belt concept. But that's
> going to be a fairly big project, so I haven't made progress on it beyond
> brainstorming so far.

I dumped some 40 TU58 tapes a year ago. I replaced the band directly with
90 mm plastibands without even trying to run the tape. This was my
procedure: Open up the tape cartridge. Then the old band was removed
carefully by heating it slightly with a heat gun (low temperature). Then I
managed to remove it without destroying the tape itself. One can see the
tape changes appearance on the surface, then it can be removed. (Thanks to
Rik Bos for the advice about heating)

There are usually some residue from the band left on the tape. I used
isopropanol to remove this by gently rubbing the surface. Sometimes some
kind of salty residue has deposited on the back of the tape. Usually at the
posts. This was also cleaned gently using isopropanol. Failure to do the
last step usually caused the tape to stick during tape winding. Then
cleaning the backside helped out.

Now the plastiband was installed and the cover put back.

I managed to fully recover all but one tape that had one bad block.

The bands I used was the 90 mm baumgarten plastibands. The interesting
thing is that they are actually japanese made by Nisshinbo and are called
mobilon bands.

It should be possible to buy from Misumi.


460 bands for 18 dollars is far better than buying those assorted packs
from Baumgarten.

Haven’t ordered myself since they want that you have a  company to order.
Need to ask a friend to help out.


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