Data General AViiON AV300D docs?

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Sat Sep 21 19:58:45 CDT 2019

I'm in the same boat.  I have a PSU I'm trying to resurrect.  And have 
also discovered the SCSI pinout is not the same as the Sun 50-pin of the 
same (normal) density.

I had started to layout a replacement PSU board with modern Meanwell 
modules to provide the +5V and +12V bulk rails and then source some 
inverting modules to provide the negatives. However it has slipped 
pretty far down my priority list.  I did take accurate measurements of 
the PSU board for connector placement, edge dimensions, mounting 
locations and sizes, etc.  I also traced out the connector pins to each 
rail and control signals (though haven't documented the signal meanings 
yet).  I can share the Eagle project if you are still interested or just 
want to cross check your own work.

I had also planned on pinning out the SCSI cable.  But that fell down 
the priority list too.


On 2019-09-21 17:52, Chris Hanson via cctalk wrote:
> Does anyone have AViiON AV300D or related docs? I got a pair that have
> bum power supplies and I’m hoping to find something that will makes
> servicing them easier.
> After I get them running, I’ll obviously be looking for software. And
> a pinout for their unique SCSI port, though I hear they can netboot;
> any details about that would be useful too.
>   — Chris
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