Vintage Computer Warehouse Liquidation

Thomas Raguso tsraguso at
Sun Sep 22 14:40:48 CDT 2019

This is my first of many posts that I will make about this sale.

I am liquidating a large warehouse filled with vintage computers including
Apple, DEC, IBM, Commodore, Tandy/Radio Shack, HP, and more. Many items are
currently inaccessible due to large piles of junk and video games.

So far, I have found:

Apple Lisa 2
Tandy 6000 HD
IBM 5251 Keyboard
MicroVAX 3900 (currently inaccessible)
MicroVAX II (currently inaccessible)
Cromemco System One
Ohio Scientific Challenger 2p
Lots of Apple II series
IBM 5110
Piles of VT100s
Even more VT220, VT320
Northstar Advantage
Osborne 1
Various Kaypros
PC clones
Commodore B-Series
Just about every  kind of TRS-80
IBM XT with monitor in box
NeXT cube
Almost every type of Macintosh
IBM PS/2 P70
HP 3000 (inaccessible)
1970s HP computers
Boxes filled with Cromemco and Northstar manuals
A pallet of 1980s PC clones (inaccessible)

Heaps of CRT monitors

Mechanical Keyboards
At least 20 Apple Extended Keyboard II's

I have barely scratched the surface of the warehouse, and will keep you
updated when I find more items, or am able to move the large systems.

The DEC terminals are not yet for sale, since I have not yet found the

I am not taking offers on the entire warehouse at this time.

Please feel free to text me with questions

Thomas Raguso

(832) 374-2803

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