Manx entry update

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Sep 22 23:02:06 CDT 2019

I looked for an image or record of the PDP8/L reference card, and one of 
the entries which showed up was for manx.

I don't know how to contact the maintainer for manx but figure if 
someone can comment here it would be better than me ratholing and still 
not figuring it out.

Anyway I found that the entry for one of the entries is stale but the 
internet archive had captured the tar file with the information.

PDP-8 Pocket Reference Card,5468

I did find this, and will try.
Is something not working? Is a URL out of date or offline? Feel free to 
create a bug report <> on our 
CodePlex project <>

One of the questions is whether entries are desirable or 
acceptible by the rules, and 2, whether the internet archive will be 
okay with that.  I see frequently that Wikipedia entries retrieve and 
publish those links.


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