Vintage computer store hints in Minneapolis?

JP Hindin jplist2008 at
Mon Sep 23 10:22:21 CDT 2019

Morning all;

I was up in Minneapolis over the weekend and will probably be back next 
weekend - I was wondering where the local geeks might go for some nifty 
goodness (for sale or just to gander at)?

When I was up there I hit FreeGeek and picked up a SCSI SyQuest EZ135 
external drive and a couple of carts. I also rolled through The Ax-Man... 
for 3 hours because I'd never even heard of the place before and was 
absolutely astonished at what I'd found. (If you've never been, you _must_ 

But I thought I'd poll and see what else might be found up there? I'm 
mostly a non-PC collector (Sun/SGI/Digital/+ random things) - but easily 

Speaking of, there's a set of power supply modules for a PDP at The Ax-Man 
on University. There were several h744s and 745s and and an h754, although 
one of them someone has started to pry apart and the Molex (?) connector 
is broken from the PCB, although the pins were still attached to the 
board. They were asking $9.95 for each and I wasn't willing to buy and 
hope they worked.


  - JP

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