Update: Received my 50lb Datapoint 2200 computer from Austria via regular post.

jos jos.dreesen at greenmail.ch
Tue Sep 24 03:34:31 CDT 2019

On 23.09.19 23:36, steven stengel via cctalk wrote:
> First, I have to rewire it from 220vac to 110vac.

Lucky you, I would have driven over if had known about it ! Only a one-day return trip for me....

Be carefully : some parts on the big cooling block are directly connected to mains.

> Second - what to do about that screen?

Repair / clean it of course. This is what I did to my DP1100 :

Before : ftp://ftp.dreesen.ch/Datapoint/Pictures/Console/CPU_before.jpg

During : ftp://ftp.dreesen.ch/Datapoint/Pictures/Console/Pull_off_remaining_goo.jpg

Result  : ftp://ftp.dreesen.ch/Datapoint/Pictures/Console/CPU_after.jpg

.. and the full machine, in its orginal Datapoint desk :



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