HP vintage boards being sold as scrap

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Wed Sep 25 05:07:06 CDT 2019

At 02:29 AM 25/09/2019 -0400, you wrote:

>I contacted the seller and was able to work out a very reasonable deal to
>purchase a selected subset for my future needs.

Oh, is that why the price dropped $50? Because some of the boards sold?
So really the seller still has the same inflated idea of their worth (for gold.)
How sensibly were they padded for shipping? It had seemed like the seller refused
to treat them carefully.

>You, or others, might consider doing the same if you have a specific
>interest.  (Rather than a general gripe :-}.)

This time I'm not griping about the seller's attitude. It's even a reasonable price,
hence there's a bid already. Though the "will be bulk packed" means buying them would
involve a discussion about packing care.

Incidentally I've identified those boards. The ones with the pull rings: 

They are 12/13 bit isolated DtoA, either voltage or current out. 44429A or 44430A.
And I _would_ make an offer for just them, except someone put a bid on the lot within
ten minutes of it listing. So now he can't split the lot. (But I've asked if he would anyway.)

Does anyone else recognise some of the other boards?


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