Cleaning an old keyboard

Pete Turnbull pete at
Wed Sep 25 05:00:08 CDT 2019

On 24/09/2019 07:30, Philip Belben via cctalk wrote:
> PS I wish people wouldn't say WD40 is not a lubricant.  It is.
> The problem is that it is quite a heavy grease - suitable for (say) door hinges - but when it comes out of the can it looks like a fine oil

I do wish people wouldn't say WD40 is a lubricant.  It's not.  It's a 
solvent - a light paraffin - carrying a small amount of wax - not grease 
- and was designed as a water displacer based on a degreaser.  This is 
documented in NASA's official history of Project Mercury, for which it 
was invented.  Try lubricating your fan bearings or bicycle chain with 
it and see how much it shortens the life, as it washes out the proper 
lubricant, as it's supposed to do.

Pete Turnbull

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