FTGH: Pioneer DRM-602X 6-CD changer

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sat Sep 28 14:02:57 CDT 2019

Pioneer's engineering for their digital products was in Torrance I 
think.  We dealt with a rep and I ended up with one of their 3 x 6 pack 
18 disc changer boxes.  But they would not part with anything at all 
useful.  The only document I ever pried out of them was how to make my 
fancy SCSI digital player play audio disks.  Which is mostly what I used 
it for.

The 18 disk changer had all sorts of fancy commands, but only one 
engineering release of drivers in the 98 (I think) days.  They had no 
use for SCO Unix and considered any other such later systems as toys or 
not worth their time.

Needless to say telling them and having their Rep who was a friend pound 
on them about the attitude went nowhere as did the product.

The typical management most places other than Tandberg and to some 
extent Teac was that such outcomes were due to lack of marketing 
interest, despite a number of people saying they were interested if they 
could get info and write drivers.

None of the information would have enabled any competitor to discern any 
secrets, and would have helped were they all to standardize their tricks.

FWIW IIRC the drivers and software for windows that was release only 
allowed you to automate playing songs from disks thru the audio out on 
the deck.  They had the capability to rip or read and play thru windows 
or stream (were someone to get to more than one cd) at the time, but the 
powers that be didn't care.

I have 2 of the 6 channel internal ones, one of the single 6 pack units 
and one of the 3 x 6 pack units.  I think NEC made the one which stores 
the cds internally and spits them out.  Pioneer had the 6 pack gizmo.

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